Piranha Fitness On Demand: Sales & Marketing 

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The mission of Piranha Fitness Studio is to create a family-like community affordable for anyone who is determined to live a healthy lifestyle. We strive to support each other in reaching goals and achieving the highest potential by providing a variety of high-energy classes achievable by all experience levels, lifestyle coaching, and knowledgeable instructors who are committed to having personal relationships with every member.

Allison Russell - Spring & Summer 2014 

Job Description: Conceptualize new marketing strategies and focus on increasing revenue/sales for the gym's OnDemand feature by selling a set amount of memberships as well as improvement of the service itself. Also help with recording of OnDemand videos, membership cancellations, direct phone calls and off site surveys.

Requirements & Qualifications: Passion for fitness, writing skills, and creativity. 

Benefits & Opportunities: Unpaid internship, but university credit awarded. Free studio/gym membership. Unlimited opportunities to share new ideas and build close relationships with all studio members, instructors, and studio owner, leading to further connections post internship. 

Achievements: Now proficient in FinalCut Pro & recording; opportunity to participate on stage and backstage for recordings; totally in charge of recording schedule, camera, lights, sound, and computer software; full-time job offer post internship completion.